Pearl Harbor / Japonica Ep
in Japanese

On December 7th 1998, the Terracotta Troops were set to release the EP "Pearl Harbor / Japonica," having completed the project which challenges the audience on all facets. However, the original cover art was banned from release due to "political and social" messages that it may entail, and we at empire22 were asked to change the cover art. Obviously, since the medium of our message is art, we felt strongly compelled to stand for what we believe. As a result of this situation, the CD in Japan has been released with blank white covers, as a sign of protest against unlawful censorship. We aim that this page serve the purpose of providing free access for people interested in capturing the intended art.

shing02 (1998)

Complete Track Listings / Credits
PHEp complete lyrics

phep_cover01.eps (28.0MB)
phep_cover02.eps (28.0MB)
phep_back01.eps (33.0MB)
phep_back02.eps (33.0MB)

Instructions: 1) download the above Illustrator 8.0 EPS files 2) print the graphics, one side at a time and glue them together, or two-sided. 3) cut them out along the crop marks and insert into jewel case

Pearl Harbor / Japonica poster