coming soon: the "script" written by shing02 + yuji koyama
also: sonic sequel to the terabyte project in 2001 produced by dj scott fiction + vector omega

terabyte : shing02
segment 1: "invasion" segment 2: "illusion" segment 3: "infusion" segment 4: "immersion"
produced and orchestrated by dj scott fiction + vector omega, except "illusion" produced by dj 'top' bill for fresh on the beat
written by shing02 + yuji koyama, tech support by yuji koyama xitar efx by capital, electric / upright bass by mr.buckner scratches by dj nozawa, except on "illusion" by dj bill + dj quietstorm additional transformer cuts by dj bill violin on "immersion" by tim todd
recorded and mixed @ annen annex. el cerrito, ca. + @ capp st. studio. san francisco, ca. mr.buckner's bass recorded @ the ma. oakland, ca. nozawa's cuts recorded @ morimaru studio. fukui, japan. mastered by j.patterson @ revolg studios. emeryville, ca.
insert graphics by geoff gannon photography by hiro matsuo poster layout by urban demographics