written by Shing02 & Scholar / produced by P.SOUL
scratch: SPINMASTER A-1
cover art: Weerasak Rungsirirote (Vicky)

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instrumental from P.SOUL new album "Black Tape" release 08/08


speak up and raise fists and labeled as misfits
what the fuck we’re not here
to break the system, we’re here to fix what’s broken
so many problems inherited
much of the conflict overseas and domestic,
think I’m pessimistic? huh
well I’m the opposite, just a realist
you can label me under fearless
and even if my people turn their backs I’m peerless
I feel this knot in my throat, we running out of hope
yo what can I do to make a difference, I gotta be dope
for any light to shine, for any weight to carry on my back
so I turn to knowledge, break it down and then put it on the map
facts versus fiction, fantasy, reality blurred
debts stacked to the ceiling and you know it’s deferred
then again who owns it
chase the paper trail, we got our eyes on it
‘tween polarity or popularity,
we’re clouded in judgement, I want some clarity
bear with me, dare to be better than the next man
to benefit the next kin we’re born free
no need to be living in constant fear and defeat
knocked down and outta luck?
get back up and repeat, better believe it
first you ask nice and if you deserve it
it’s yours to take, and you shall receive

Speak ↑↑↑↑
Use your voice
no two are the same
so what you saying’

Speak ↑↑↑↑
bring the noise
and the toys
pick your weapon of choice

feeling like my calling is to spit the sickest raps in here
never needed bongie rips to lift me out the atmosphere
feeling like i'm falling but this squall is only passing fear
dealing with it all in until i'm balling making racks in here
the cash i feel is something super detrimental
existential crisis when my mind is on this instrumental
coincidental i can't let go of this pencil
summer solstice still the coldest with this plot up in my mental
my head so fuckin sold up on the the thought we got potential
so i never settle but i'm lost defining what's successful
been so caught up in the game but life ain't no nintendo man
the trend to sell your soul just for a millie and a benzo
but that's the least of my problems
when there's a beast at the bottom
it's on a leash and it's knocking
i see a teen bring a shotgun
and just release till their droppin
i know police they be boggin
and all the streets they ain't stoppin
it's like this peace ain't an option
they say we're living to die
i told um you're living a lie
hope you see your dreams are sent from the high
better reply
free your negative minds
from schemes and sedative highs
we're trippin and getting our men and our women to thinking we never can fly
most of us don't know what we're hear
we need to read up
what we see is smoke in the mirror
i hope we free up
shit ain't always what it appears
we need to keep up
silence is the cousin of fear
so better speak up

(chorus repeat)

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