Zone of Zen

free our energy
deliver us from the powers that be
in the universe we’re
moving at a pace faster than
the speed of light
through a space on a string of faith
theory beyond material
godspeed you, grand imperial
fly the ether without oxygen
try to reach the stars and the heavens
never aging, tell the telomeres
ain’t leaving, at least not yet
uplifting is the thought of you
when it hits me call an audible
imagine us two as a centerpiece
or a cornerstone of a franchise
expanding continuum
wings of a falcon, millennium

so beautiful, of course it’s true
what I wouldn’t do for you
give me a cue
oh it’s so beautiful, you know it’s true
what I wouldn’t do for you
give me a clue

I’m back again in that zone of zen
like a fountain pen
style slicker than a matte varnish
finish on a night sky
garnished with a spray tip
what an evening, call it eden
five seasons keep believin’
still teasing, flirting with the concept
a blueprint for a concert on another plane
genuine fame, no jealousy
can’t do no wrong, no felony
I’m a deuteron, one proton and a neutron
I swim the oceans, climb mountains
the sun rising above horizons
time lapse it, slow motion it
with your own mind, so fortunate


hunters and gatherers, travelers
became stable, farm to table
how the river flows through the forest
where the birds nest and the fish mate
reaffirming my spot on this blue dot
water and terra firma
not too long ago you could go anywhere
and see the milky way, made you say