Windy Chimes

outside is a huge riot
but this fight here is quiet…

windy chimes, signal tides of change
time's a quicksand or maybe silver
mercury rising, rhyme delivers
signs imminent make me shiver
my fabric runs against the grain
dodge the raindrops, hope in vain
ride the current that's occurring
under your feet, colors churning

windshield factor, worth enduring
off the tube to the main event
going top speed, space to vent
we're falling upwards, tipping point
word of mouth is sure not to disappoint
watchdogs on the roof, hear 'em woof
tusk in the room, drum roll please
new school superstar living proof
pressurized systems, storm selection
strong typhoon, cat five cyclone
horns in the background, grip the microphone
dynamic diaphragm, ribbon and piezo
after we're done ripping to pieces
forensic teams examine the evidence
no foul play we parlay, raw talent on full display
i know you have to pay today
to say what's on your mind and it's gone in a day
so why let it fade away
when you still have a chance on a layaway
peace and love as propaganda
propane gas hot air balloon
big bottom like that of a bassoon
sun come soon


so what's really real, what's the deal
realize to make real or realize to recognize
theorize, televise, terrorize
art is a lie, or it lies in the art
broadcast live from the bottom of the pool
settle down with the cool molecules
and when the water dries
you're left to sit the with sediments
open your fist and in your palms
crystallized sentiments
beads of sweat on my forehead
I wear with pride, the ride ahead
smash together and let the sparks fly
I testify