Twice As Nice

things take twice as long
things cost twice as much
but it's your touch that
makes life twice as nice
'cause it's your touch that
makes life twice as nice

wake up in the am, time to get dressed
am ready for a full plate, I must confess
my lady still dreaming in the comfy of her nest
probably stayed up late again as I slept
lest I be behind on a scheduled quest
into town what awaits, only one way to find out
let’s, and that means us as in we
you and i as a tandem, a beautiful team
so I try to bring her back to ground level
low blood pressure and what not
and what the blood clot she turns into a cling devil
curled in a blanket, a full case of baskets
the only way to counter is sunshine
an eye drop like medicine, one time
open up the curtains hallelujah nice day
I can sense a growl fired my way, so I say


are you set to go, take an extra hour
for a shower from head to toe
so, so clean in the bathrobe
time to pick a wardrobe, gotta coordinate
pierce on the earlobes
one of a kind, impossible to copy
the same plush mix of futuristic vintage
brush off the dust, spiffy like mintage
opens the mirror, simple or lavish
make-up in progress bar in percentage
I gotta be patient or else, I can risk getting
stuck on a color wheel spinning like a film reel
worst case scenario force quit the app yo
don't wanna let that get into the middle of
having a blast in the afternoon and be a snub
don't wanna let this get into the middle of
I can let it go when you show me a little love


forget I said twice, it could've been thrice
the only thing that matters is I'm paying the price
but the prize won is worth more than ever before
an A for an effort, but por favor
trust that I'm in it for the long haul
understand I can withstand the onslaught
of attacks on my character, your own flaws
I can swallow 'em raw like a coleslaw
I'm lost without your expertise, you know
I'm a teenage boy in front of your strip tease
days seem twice as long without you
in a sense that I can't stop thinking about you
I've already written letters flattering my better half
my other half just wants to see you laugh
as for now this poem will suffice
I said twice as nice, 'cause of the sacrifice