Searching For

being so social is overrated
on the flip solitude is underrated
see my past plans I’ve contemplated
only came true when I concentrated
all my effort with my best foot forward
and I never looked back in the rear view
ooh didn’t need to toot my own horn or like my own posts
and glued to the phone so I could see who
just gave me a thumbs up or a cheehoo
you know can’t give a hoot until you be you
to the fullest extent and then break through
to other other side sweet like a lullaby, 
center my gravity whenever I lose that balance
on the board and the wave is pushing me
sometimes you gotta get away
and the only way to do it is to search for that inner space oh

I done said it and I let it pass,
instead of taking charge I pretend to ask
the right questions, but without initiative
used to be intimidated a little bit
the silhouette in the corner of my eye chasing me
down a one-way street and the light from behind
makes my shadow look like that of a stiltwalker
I sense the breath on my neck from a stalker
with a scythe or a sickle, selling me a pill that will fancy my tickle
but if we read from same things
and talk about the same dance
so what I expect in advance
not any different from the actual
it doesn’t even matter if it’s factual
as long as it can keep the feed live for the one
and only that can help me to survive on the run

I’m still searching