the passionista, brothers and sisters
flash a vista, a new frontier, an evangelista
from the system, gain the wisdom and the vision
it's the...

an optimistic child was brought to a temple
on occasions, casual visits
colors, sound and smell left an imprint
in the mind impressionistic
soft like pure gold, valuable, add resistance, malleable
the child came back on own accord
with everything one can afford
all the time and energy to focus
nothing else mattered for a while, devoted
shut out the world, filtered the noise
cut out the schemes, skirted the ploys
free to absorb information in the vast library
first introduced to sacred geometry,
divine numerology, they all led back to astrology
knowledge took shape, realizations, epiphanies
a star is born, a bona-fide supernova
the self reinvented seven times over
student for life, keys to survive
graduated as a missionary and an emissary for the truth
spread the doctrine to the adversary, a truce

the walking tour made many stops
en route to the center of nowhere
attention undivided now here
a stranger opened a door to a stranger
meetings with remarkable men
often a brief encounter then
some wanted to test the nerve
of a so-called saint, names were heard
threw a limp bird to the dirt, a challenge ensued
"who would you be to preach balance
if you can't help a creature to manage to fly
with your holy water and chalice"
reply was simple
"if you ask me to perform a miracle or a surgery,
strictly clinical, just for the glory of the temple
my answer is not for your question posed,
but rather for this situation proposed”
the One picked up the bird and left
and every witness there sure felt blessed
and they said


now this tale doesn't pertain to any tribe
it could be about any team you subscribe to
what happened to the saint, only god knows
so all you gotta do is look up to
the heavens up above that houses the odd,
the dumb, the outcast, and the flawed
the only unwelcome ones are the frauds
gotta be honest with yourself, applause to