Mad Stressor

mad stressor, level indicator
style professor, forms of veda
nice on the fader, cut innovator
pay to play the role of the savior

ladies and gentlemen, a world class settlement
critical mass surrounding the governments
proper education versus brain washers
power grab musical chairs for posture
propane gas up your ass
we can jam the streets
strategic with the candor banter
love with a capital lambda
damned vigilantes with lanterns,
demand some answers

focus sharper than a sigma,
step your game up then stick it to the stigmas
society wanna keep it as an enigma
concept fluid as an opening segment
to a figment of my imagination glides
drop a pigment of blue like indigo dye, you ask why
the truth seems to hide from the public eye
I say take down the fliers and check what's behind
the layer of clutter covering up the sign of the times
see them bandits cross the lines
history obliged, the size wouldn't lie
seek ye shall find, the wall with no sides


cut through the noise, boys being boys
I can give a flying what, perform with poise
take me for a fool, I don't belong to a school
too cool to be a tool for the media pool
you gotta to know the rule before you bend it
you need to learn how to earn so you can spend it
animation suspended, mid-air defended
examination rendered, laws amended
data restored, shared and recommended
convert it into action, covert interaction
whatever happened to the power of subtraction
more or less, less is more satisfaction

paragrahs for the power grab

decode my cryptic script, it’s descriptive
only for the gifted, fit to accept this
arithmetic, add two and two
how many mic checks, one two, one two
it takes work to the stage from the studio booth
through and through, I even lost a front tooth
in a live set going berserk, diving to vent
feelings in a world tryin’ to make a dent
on the way back ate the stage, painful lesson
pent up anger comes out in aggression
if you take issue with the headline official
material fissile, ugh blow your whistle