and If I were to bring you some flowers
would it be a surprise
I'd like it if you say it's a nice gift
and If I were to bring you some flowers
would it be a surprise
a white lie, to typewrite my bravado

I know a girl named jasmine
a face of an angel spring time to summer
change like hues of hydrangea
every time I see her she's fancier
from the french hillside to lombard street
landed on a postcard, a colorful treat
became a platinum hit, and wouldn't you know
if it don't wither, then it must be faux
i remember buttercups on the way to school
plus when we all go swimming at the pool
picking poppy and lily in the field
the sweet smell of gardenia
open up the gate and there you were
who needs a dozen roses
when you can have gerbera and daisy
think about you daily, karma is a feisty lady


a kiss of an orchid, I know I gotta work it
I ain't lying, everything's dandelion
‘cause even when I'm under the weather
take echinacea, your cheeks, azalea
balloon vines, bird of paradise
narcissus, and forget me not
by the danube, knight and his princess
used to wish we never ran out of recess
the pond houses kois and turtles
the clear water reflects crape myrtles
the day sprinkled with baby's breath
to make a bouquet, a floral buffet
is there an app for that?
just kidding, I already got a knack for that
you're my morning glory, a cute story
I'm a flower but you're my sunflower


I want to share a future
travel the world with seeds of fuchsia
sounds exotic, snapdragon and snowdrops
genera member, rare as goldilocks
I want to go where looks don't matter
clothes tattered and you can still flatter me
your eyes are my batteries
my hopes represent the ultimate security
filter the filth and impurity
I got the goods, whenever you're in need
just tell me the deal and I'ma feel ya
violet and fennel from Ophelia
whichever stem we decide to pick apart
sounds flow in direction of the petals
thrown on the ground that your bare feet bless
blades of the grass soften when you say yes