ephemerald, you're my chimera
switch everyday like looks in the mirror
rain or fine, we gotta weather the weather
we laugh knowing nothing lasts forever

ephemerald, you're my chimera
fleeting happiness caught on camera
previews better than sitting in the cinema
we laugh knowing nothing lasts forever

I’m all alone to begin with
and before I’m gone from this space
can I win this race with the human competition
wanting that same thing, so so full of ambitions
warmth of another in a cold, cold world
more than a measure by celsius
it’s quite obvious that time is not a constant
and we pretend as if work is non-stop
can’t make the time or take a break
for a deep breath, the norm is to sleep less
when I’m awake I wanna soak it up
so when I’m asleep I just won’t get up
until I dream enough
and I get the energy to go around and acting tough
hoping that you’d find me, diamond in the rough
I will shine for you, so bring me the buff


I get off topical, often philosophical and
wax poetic with my trident optical
during my research, and my sabbatical
I’ve seen it all, angelic, diabolical
so where do I stand in the spectrum,
who do I look to, my style is so footloose
I can do good, I can do bad
I can do better, I can do worse
I can sing a chorus or rap a little verse
if that brings a smile, then I’ll make it first priority,
forwarding pay with some interest
random acts of kindness to your kindred
for the record, I do it for the holiness
off the record, I do it in loneliness
but I’m not afraid while I’m holding this
mic like a torch of the last soloist