life can be fragile, castle on sand
tugboat sleeping, vessel on land
mano a mano, will you take my hand
‘cause we can make a wonderful band
life can be magical, castle in sky
wee hours but we can still try
our names are gonna have an ampersand
one hundred and ten percent

this is for the ages, pictography
walls on caves, your geography
begins with mono and rhymes with mahogany
used to wonder could it be for me
started as friends, guess it all depends
auto focus on a lens on the present tense
emotions cargo full of shipment
the most logical form of commitment
it’s insanity I’m crazy about you
hope it’s incurable, risk uninsurable
I like your artwork ‘cause you’re an artwork
a time piece inner work shine outwards
engraved in the back a symbol of unity
an elegant stroke a moment of purity
waking up a sec before an alarm
hop into a shower singing la la la


I remember when hollering tones rang hollow
say hello, the first time I spot you I see a halo
you’re the mate that fate recreated
god knows I’m the most dedicated
if I ever lose sight of my own self in the mirror
horizontally switched in illustrator
can I reflect in your eyes what you see is
the man that I signed up and strive to be
love to fall in, and never out of
we can slowly, grow fond of
each other for the rest of our lives
let gravity show that it’ll be so
from pianissimo to fortissimo
let’s go out with a bang crescendo
then we can go grab a drink and be outro
get soprano and keep it on the alto