"Avatar" Four Heads Remix

Vocal (4:59 / 5.7MB)
Dub (4:59 / 5.7MB)

produced by Shotaro
drum programming by Yakkle
upright bass, melodica by Shotaro
dub mixed at Annen Annex, Oakland CA. by Shuichi Sugimoto
vocals recorded at Top Billion Dollar Studio, Tokyo by DJ Top Billl


original version appears on:
DJ Top Bill / Shing02
"Avatar / Farewell To A Friend" 12inch (MJ-0061),
"Prelude To One Dollar Store" (MJCD-037),
on Mary Joy Recordings
our special thanks to Norihiro Higo and DJ Top Bill

Born 1
981, from Fukuoka Japan, Started playing upright bass after hearing dub while in highschool. Moved to Berkeley in 2000, soonafter began producing his own material. Currently plays the upright bass, Fender piano bass, and melodica to knock out bass-laden beats.

Born 1
984, representing Kobe, Japan. Moved to Berkeley in spring of 2005, a fresh producer now honing his beatmaking skills on the MPC4000.

Shuichi Sugimoto
Born 1978, a member of dub unit Geronimo Blood in Osaka, Japan. Moved to San Francisco late 2002, now creating music in his home studio. He produced "2005 RMX", and also provides dub assistance with Shing02's latest project "Y-Kyoku LP

Born 1975, moved to San Francisco in 89. Currently residing in Oakland, working on studio album "Y-Kyoku = Y-song LP".