Born in Japan, 1985. Graduated from Tokyo Polytechnic University in 2006.
Kodai started working on hand-drawing animation while being a student.
He also creates interactive works using Flash, and openFrameworks.
Besides focusing on animation, he works with video and web.
photo: Ayako Mizutani

Shing02 (Shingo Annen) is a hiphop MC by trade, but dabbles in all forms of creativity. After saving the scrpit for over 10 years, Shing02 came across Kodai's animated work and immediately thought of working on Petals of Fire together. More than two years of steady exchange has finally come together for your pleasure. Enjoy! - @Shing02

Born in Isfahan, Iran in 1978, Mohammad won the annual Iranian Tombak competition when he was 10 years old, and at the age of just 20 was considered by many as the world's best Tombak player. In the course of his career he developed over 30 new striking and finger techniques and revolutionised the traditional way of playing.

Mohammad has been living and working successfully in Germany for the past eight years. In 2003, he received the German World Music Award RUTH in the newcomers' category. His concert successes were crowned by a solo concert at the Philharmonie in Berlin in March 2010.

In 2010, Mohammad also started to work with, and released solo album GREEN HANDS, which is prominently featured on Petals of Fire, and the DVD Live at the Berlin Philharmonie. His second album GERADEAUS was released on in 2011.

Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, Rema studied classical piano at a young age and became interested in Jazz during her teens. Rema moved to the States in 2002, and graduated Jazz Program from CUNY. She has studied under John Hicks and George Cables.

In 2009, Rema played as a finalist of Women in Jazz Festival at the Lincoln Center. Around this time, she became influenced by Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, and Pharaoh Sanders. Currently, she plays around New York among free and experimental Jazz scene in New York.

Jason Boschetti AKA CAV3 ("cave") is an internationally published Producer and DJ currently based in the City of Angels, California (LA for those who don't know). Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, CAV3 started DJing and producing in high school, more than10 years ago, and started his professional music career in Northern California while attending U.C. Berkeley.

CAV3 has DJ'ed and performed from Tokyo to NYC, collaborating and sharing stages with artists and such as Shing02, Snoop Dogg, Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship, and more. CAV3 is currently holding down a weekly DJ residency at The Candy Shack, LA's hottest new live-jazz venue, as well as launching a new band/production team called "The Fat Kids."

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After focusing on playing the guitar in a rock band throughout his teens, he moved to LA and started studying Audio Recording. Composing, performing, and engineering, he keeps exploring the possibilities of sound and music. Currently studying Business-Economics at UCLA, Yamato established and directs a non-profit organization, Kontinew Research, to connect young creators and marketers, in ways to expand new "creations" within the "system."

Justin Edmund is a product and interaction designer working at San Francisco-based Pinterest. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University's School of Design and has an innate love of storytelling, typography, and motion. - @jedmund