How to fold a crane (yes, you can do it!)

Print out and cut out the template, or prerare your own. the paper should be a nice square.
(the colored side is the patterned side.)

Step 1

Fold in half diagonally.

Step 2

Fold in half diagonally again.

Step 3

Spread the pocket out from the inside and fold to make a small square.

Step 4

Turn over.

Step 5

Do the same as in step 4.

Step 6

The figure should look like this.

Step 7

Here's the tricky part (which, technically could be skipped till Step 9).
Fold left and right corners towards the center line and then fold top corner along the red valley line. Note the folds are only to create a crease.

Step 8

The figure should look like this.

Step 9

Now, open the the pocket by pulling the bottom corner up

Step 10

Like so, and then fold inwards towards the center along the crease.

Step 11

The figure should look like this. Be careful to score the edges and corners cleanly. Turn over and repeat Steps 6, 7, 8.

Step 12

Now you have the Base. You've come half way, and the rest is downhill baby!

Step 13

Making sure you have the right side up, valley fold on the dotted lines using the top layer only.

Step 14

The figure should look like this. Turn over.

Step 15

Do the same as step 13. Getting hard? You're almost there.

Step 16

Reverse fold at dotted lines to form the head.

Step 17

Slightly open the side, and bring the head part up like this

Step 18
Bring up the head to this point and press down.

Do the same same to form the tail on the other side.

Step 19

Reverse fold at dotted lines to form the beak.
You can select the length of the beak.

Step 20

Bend the wings out into proper position.
You can blow in from the bottom (wow!!).

Step 21

Voila! The finished crane. What what?