Omnibus Film "MIND THE GAP" endroll track
Directors: Keiya Ando, Robert Wakamatsu, Naomichi Hosoya, Hayato Ando

(7.6MB /5:23 )
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written by Shing02
co-produced and mixed by Yamato Kaneko

Shing02: piano, fender rhodes
Yamato Kaneko: guitar, additional programming
Eric Garland: drum elements
Sawami Shinohara: background vocals
Akira Matsui: portuguese vocals
Jade Petruccelli: cover model

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Yamato Kaneko
Born in Tokyo, Japan. After focusing on playing the guitar in a rock band throughout his teens, he moved into LA and started studying Audio Recording. Composing, performing, and engineering, he keeps looking for the possibility of the sound and music. Currently studying Entertainment Business in LA, Yamato established and directs a non-profit organization, KONTINEW RESEARCH, to connect young creators and marketers, in ways to expand new "creations" within the "system."
Eric Garland
One of the finest drummers in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene, he plays with the Jazz Mafia / Realistic Orchestra, and Brass Bows and Beats collective.

Sawami Shinohara
Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Sawami graduated from TOHO Gakuen College of Drama and Music. She joined the NHK Tokyo Children Chorus at an early age and performed musicals and operas internationally. In 2006, she played the lead character Glinda in the Japanese adaptation of Broadway musical "WICKED". Sawami was the only Japanese finalist in the contest, "TNIdol" (produced by Tahitian Noni International) in 2007and 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, receiving a standing ovation from an audience of 8,000. Sawami also performs her own compositions and lyrics in a wide variety of styles.
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Akira Matsui
Half Brazilian Japanese Born in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Akira loves to promote the cultural exchange between Brazil and Japan, and lives between Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo.

Jade Petruccelli
Half Brazilian Italian Born in Pernambuco Brazil.
Model / Actress
Currently living and studying in Rio de Janeiro.