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What Do You Love - Nightshift feat. Shing02
digital single bandcamp 2012

Don't Tell Me No - Nightshift feat. Shing02
digital single bandcamp 2012. also on FTTB3

The Kleenrz - Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal
contains "Outer RIngs" featuring Shing02 & Abstract Rude
CD, digital. Hellfyre Club 2012

Melancholy Hopeful - Marcus D
contains "One People" featuring Shing02
CD, digital. Marcus D 2012. also on FTTB3

Color Theory - Kero One
contains "The Last Train" featuring Shing02
CD, digital. Plug Label 2012. also on FTTB3

Tuskimi Soushi- Candle
contains "Ragumi" featuring Shing02 & Amida
CD, digital. Mary Joy Recordings 2011

The Works + Unreleased & Unexpected - Ken Ishii
contains "Over Driver ('01 mix)" featuring Shing02
CD. Sublime Records 2009

halo:ten ep - Eccy
contains versions from Eccy, Yakkle, Notuv, D.Matsusaka & Yoda, Sato
CD. Slye Records 2010

Blood The Wave - Eccy
contains "halo:ten" featuring Shing02
CD. Slye Records 2009

The 12 Japs - DJ Baku
contains "Goooooooooooal!!!!!!!" featuring Shing02
CD. Pop Group 2009

12" - DJ Baku
featuring Shing02. b/w Punpee remix
12". Pop Group 2010

Yomichi 12" - Meiso
featuring Shing02, produced by Vector Omega
12". Mary Joy Recordings 2010

Yoru No Tozoku - Meiso
contains "Yomichi" featuring Shing02, produced by Vector Omega
CD. Mary Joy Recordings 2009

Gala Dress - LEMS
featuring Shing02. b/w CHIYORI version
12". 2009

Ping Pong Box- LEMS
contains "Gala Dress" featuring Shing02
CD. Infas Music 2009

Organ Trip - Zaion
featuring Shing02. b/w Global Gains feat. Orukusaki
7". 2009

The TBS Project - V.A. / DJ Top Bill
contains "Hitokakera (album version)" featuring Shing02 x CHIYORI, " Big City Lights (Top Bill Shuffle)" feat. Shing02, "Hikai" by CHIYORI dub mixed by Shing02
CD. Mary Joy Recordings / HMV 2008

The Heavymanners - The Heavymanners
contains "Taiyo" featuring Shing02
CD. Positive Productions 2008

Bedtime Lullabies - TOKiMONSTA
contains "Start Again" produced by TOKiMONSTA
CD, 12", mp3. Guinness Records, 2008

G*A*M*E - Ghostface Killah, Napoleon, Shing02
co-produced by Numbfingaz + Lord Order
remixed by Caveman, featuring Cave & Jern Eye
12", mp3. ICC Productions, 2007 / 2008

Floating Like Incense- Eccy
contains "Ultimate High" produced by Eccy
CD. Slye Records 2007

Ultimate High - Eccy
produced by Eccy
12", CD. Slye Records 2007

SurDays - Hisomi TNP
contains "Paradigm Shift" and "Mahoroba" produced by Vector Omega
CD. Libyus Music 2007

Daitoshi Wo Densha Wa Yuku- Goodings RINA
contains "Daitoshi Wo Densha Wa Yuku" x Shing02
CD. Victor Entertainment 2007

X- Goodings RINA
contains "Daitoshi Wo Densha Wa Yuku" (Acoustic Pantograph) x Yas-Kaz x Shing02
from the album "Daitoshi Wo Densha Wa Yuku"
CD. Alien's Honey 2007

DJs of MASS DESTRUCTION presents - WAR II (the turd hunt continues...)
features "War Times" by Seneca + Shing02, produced by Caveman
and songs by DJsOMD (Billy Jam, DJ ALF, DJ Pone, DJ DnZ, and Dawgisht), Public Enemy, Steinski, Braintax, Dunn D & OkiZoo, Will Villainova, Backyard Bangers, and Little Larry.
CD. Hip Hop Slam Coming Soon 2007

A Life In Color - Beatropolis
EP from the dynamic trio, featuring vocalists Audio Angel and Ben Ax!oM
contains "Embrace (Beatropolis Remix)" featuring Shing02
CD, iTunes. 2007

Secrets Of The Stingray Style - Mezmetic
2nd album from Bay Area producer Mezmetic
contains "Rooftop Choreography" featuring Jern Eye, Myka 9, Shing02
CD. Seven Layerz Deep Recordings 2007

Dirty Work / A Good Day To Die - The Bash Brothers
double album from the duo of Piseas and The L.E.F.T
contains "Dirty Work (Bay 2 LA Remix)" featuring Scarub, Very, Persevere, Style Misia, K.I.T.S., Shing02
CD. 2007

Light In A Fog - KK
new full-length from veteran producer KK
contains "Lift The Fog Up" featuring Shing02
CD. Mary Joy Recordings 2007

Lift The Fog Up - KK
contains "Lift The Fog Up" featuring Shing02, with Bell Remix (KK) and Dawgisht Remix (Dawgisht).
12". Mary Joy Recordings 2007

Guns Of Riddm - Rebel Familia
contains "Ghost Town" featuring Shing02
CD. Postive Productions 2007

Ghost Town / Hunter - Rebel Familia
contains "Ghost Town" featuring Shing02, "The King Of Gladiator" featuring Struggle For Pride, "Hunter"
12". Postive Productions 2007

Machikado Gigolo (Street Gigolo) - Candle
debut full-length from Candle, contains "Machikado Pierrot", "Kuchibiru Catapult" produced by Vector Omega
CD. Mary Joy Recordings 2007

Asu Wa Koko Kara / Machikado Pierrot - Candle
Asu Wa Koko Kara produced by Vector Omega
CD / 12". Mary Joy Recordings 2006

It's My Thing - Mr. Itagaki aka Ita-Cho
contains "Survival Mode" featuring Big Z + Shing02
CD. Victor Japan 2006

Breakseven Remixes - Live Human + V.A.
contains "Bed, Death and Beyond" by Freelancers Utd
Shing02 (Arp Odyssey), A-1 (turntables), Doc Max (Arp Omni)
23 amazing remixes by Fingerbangers, Cheap Cologne, Sniper, Tino Corp., Centipede, Zeph, Pone, Spair, Pismo.
CD. Live Human / Cosmic Records 2006

Within Transition - Pismo
contains "Velodrome" featuring Shing02
CD (Japanese Release). Hand Cuts Records 2006

Velodrome Remix - Nomak
contains "Velodrome" featuring Shing02
7", iTunes Japan. Hand Cuts Records 2006
Rap Wo Surudake - Cream Cungbell
produced by Vector Omega
CD. Cunpreme Records 2006

Blowin' In The Wind - DJ Fencer (of Suburban)
contains "Shiori" by Suburban featuring Shing02
produced by Suburban
mix CD. Neophyte Records 2006

Shiori - Suburban
featuring Shing02
produced by Suburban, from their full-length album out 2007

Neophyte Records 2007

Rokkasho - Team 6
"Rokkasho" (main theme, piano version, yakkle remix) by Team 6:
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shing02, Christian Fennesz,
Ryota Hayashida, Yakkle, DJ A-1.
For more remixes and information, please refer to the main site
Online, iTunes Podcast. 2006
African JAG Vol.1 - V.A.
contains "The Clash (A Call To Arms)" featuring DJ Krush VS Shing02
produced by DJ Krush
CD, iTunes. JAG Project 2006
Awake and Dreaming - Joe Con
contains "War With The Senses" featuring Shing02
produced by Caveman
CD. Royal Ark Music 2006
Rewritten Code Ov Honor - Kensho Kuma
contains "The Vols" featuring Shing02
produced by Jovian

CD. Independent / Wenod 2006
Twisted Tongue / Mimosa  - P.E.A.C.E.
Twisted Tongue (main / friday nite mix) produced by The Knocks (of CA)
Twisted Tongue (remix) produced by Dawgisht aka G.Rantala
Mimosa produced by Caveman
CD / double 12". Mary Joy Recordings 2006 Out Now!
SORANO - TORI soundtrack
contains "Tori's After Dark (extended mix)" produced by Vector Omega and scratches by DJ A-1

DVD. Imagica Entertainment Nov 2005

TORI - directed by Tadanobu Asano
contains "Y-Song (dub inst)" by Shing02, + "Tori's After Dark" produced by Vector Omega and scratches by DJ A-1

DVD. Imagica Entertainment 2004
Departure - Nuajabes / Fat Jon for Samurai Champloo
contains "Battle Cry (Opening theme)" by Nujabes feat. Shing02

CD. Victor Entertainment 2004
Solidarity - Rebel Familia
contains "Stand Alone (Rebel Alone Dub)" by Shing02, scratches by DJ Icewater

CD. Rebel Familia Recordings 2004

Hard Knock Records Presents: What About US? - V.A.
contains "Doxology" by Shing02 + Doc Max, produced by The Knocks
featuring music by: Rico Pabon (Prophets of Rage) and DJ Riddm - The Piper - The Frontline - Dro Golden - Raashan Ahmad - Cool Nutz feat. Bosko - Lunar Heights - Blackalicious - Michael Franti & Spearhead - Bukue One - Zion I - Non Prophets - Rashinel & Eyecue of the Hobo Junction - Omen - Abstract Tribe Unique

CD. Hard Knock Records 2003

Hip Hop Slam Presents: WAR (if it feels good, do it!) - V.A.
contains "Since by Man Came Death (1Cor 15:21)"
produced by Vector Omega, scratches by DJ Ryota (circus DJs)
taken from "Pearl Harbor / Japonica EP" (Mary Joy, 1998)
featuring music by: DJs of Mass Destruction, Mr. Lif, Public Enemy, Steinski, Tino Corp, GNN, Cat Five, etc

CD. Hip Hop Slam 2003

World Famous - DJ $HIN
contains "M.O.B.O." by Shing02 produced by DJ $HIN
featuring music by: Raashan Ahmad, Kensho Kuma, Lunar Heights, etc

2xCD. Turntable Troopers Entertainment 2003

Scratch Attack Vol.3 - V.A.
contains "Organ Transplant" by Freelancers Utd

Shing02 (faderboard), A-1 (tt drums), Cosiner (bass), Icewater (tt sample)
Also contains "HMK RMX" by Heiankyo remixed by Vector Omega, dedicated to JMJ
CD. Hip Hop Slam 2003

One Mind - One Recordings 
contains "HMK RMX" by Heiankyo
remixed by Vector Omega

CD. One Recordings 2003

Drop The Debt (annulons la dette) - V.A.
contains "Tilma (remix)" by Sally Nyolo featuring Shing02,
remixed by Vector Omega

CD. Say It Loud 2003

Kangen / For Starters - RDO
written by RDO, produced by Vector Omega

CD. Mary Joy Recordings 2002

Koolmotor - Five Deez
contains "Sexual For Elizabeth featuring Shing02
2LP / CD. Counterflow 2001

Sexual For Elizabeth EP - Five Deez

contains Tortoise remix featuring Shing02 produced by Tortoise
Vinyl 12". Counterflow 2001

Projecto: 2501 - The Entity + SUPREMEeX
by Souls of Mischief's Tajai (The Entity) + SUPREMEeX; contains "Contact" feat. Shing02 + DJ Nozawa, Major Terror

Vinyl / Enhanced CD. SUPREMeX 2000

Strictly Indee - V.A.
This unique compilation of west coast independent hip-hop comes to us courtesy of Below the Surface and DJ Swindle. Includes tracks by Equipto, DJ Marz, Kirby Dominant, Anticon, Tommy V, Westcoast Workforce and more. featuring the cut "Competition Within" by Shing02 + doc maxwell produced by Vector Omega

CD. Below the Surface 2000

Trouble Man / Detox 12" - S.B.S
contains the track "Detox" featuring Bas-1 + Shing02, produced by DJ $hin

12". RD Records 1999

Memory Of The Future - DJ Nozawa (1997)
produced by DJ Nozawa, vocals by Yvette Pylant, poetry by Shing02, additional prod. and engineering by Bas-1 and Stevie K.
12". Double L Records. 2003

F'Real - Murs
contains the track "8th Samurai" produced by Vector Omega
CD, casette. Veritech Records. 1997

Nothing Changes - The Grouch
contains the track "Car Troubles Pt.2 " featuring Kirby Dominant + Shing02,
produced by The Grouch
CD, casette. Outhouse Records. 1996

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