update 1.1.13 / launched 6.23.12

Happi (pronounced much like happy) is a traditional japanese garb, usually worn in festive occasions.
Happi Birthday is a hand-made project which started from a gift (as a joke), now downloadable for you to customize your card!
You can either grab one of the designs from the section below, or create your own from the template.

ハッピ ・バースデーカードを作って、友達に送りましょう!デザインを下から選ぶか、自由にカスタマイズすることも可能です。

send your happi photos to: happi[at]e22.com (gallery at the bottom)



artist link: lilyluciole

(new year collar: click for pdf file)

artist link: baki baki

artist link: kougyoku ya

mami miyazaki

saori ohwada


lilyluciole (click to enlarge)