SHING02 - FOR THE TYME BEING (part1) mixed by DJ Icewater
artwork by MR44 (Foreign Family)

A non-stop 77min. mega-mix by California’s own DJ Icewater, of features, original & unreleased material by Shing02.
The CD contains exclusively English works from the bilingal MC, who has worked extensively in the indies scene since 1995.
“For The Tyme Being” is a testament to the variety of artists Shing02 has worked with.

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 Tracklisting / Credits:

1. Intro by DJ Icewater
2. Dai Nasty Break (2006) - produced by DJ Dai Nasty
  (shouts by Booty Brown of The Pharcyde)
  featured on DJ Dai Nasty - "Smoove Groove 03" (Big's Records)
3. Metroidz (2007) - Ice blend
  original version produced by DJ Conshus and DJ Icewater,
  featured on Waterproof International - "Rubics Cubez And Magic 8-Balls" (Waterproof International)
4. War With The Senses (2006) - produced by CAVE
  featured on Joe Con - "Awake and Dreaming" (Royal Ark) available on iTunes
5. F.I.L.O. (2004) - produced by Nujabes
  scratches by DJ Kou (Circus DJs)
  featured on Nujabes - "Metaphorical Music" (Hyde Out Productions)
  (shouts by Lyrics Born)
6. Big City Lights (2008) - produced by Yakkle / TOKiMONSTA remix produced by TOKiMONTSTA
  scratches by DnZ
  full versions on 12" ( and e22
  (shouts by Tajai of Souls Of Mischief)
7. '93 till Rokkasho (2006) - remixed by DJ Haes
  vocals from Stop-Rokkasho Project, podcast on iTunes
8. Ultimate High (2007) - produced by Eccy
  featured on Eccy - "Floating Like Incense" (Slye Records) available on iTunes
     V.O.L.S. (2006) - produced by Jovian
  featured on Kensho Kuma - "Rewritten Code Ov Honor" available on iTunes
  (shouts by Tre of The Pharcyde)
9. Battle Cry Trifecta (2004 / 2007) - produced by Yakkle
  full version on e22
  orignal version produced by Nujabes, on Nujabes & Fat Jon "Departure" (Original Soundtrack for Samurai Champloo)
  (shouts by Jern Eye)
10. G*A*M*E (2007) - Ice Blend
  original version produced by Lord Order and Numbfingaz feat. Ghostface Killah and Napoleon
  full version on 12" ( and e22
11. Zone (2007) - produced by Headnodic
  original version unreleased feat. Jern Eye
12. OT_Anthem (2007) - produced by Aziz Habibi
  original version unreleased feat. Spank Rock, Aziz Habibi, Jasko
13. Miditation (2004) - produced by DJ $hin
  scratches by DJ Icewater
  full version on e22
14. Luv(sic) Part3 (2005) - produced by Nujabes
  scratches by DJ A-1
  featured on Nujabes - "Modal Soul: 2nd Chapter Of Metaphorical Music" (Hyde Out Productions)
      Luv(sic) DJ Hæs Remix (2001 / 2009) - produced by DJ Hæs
  original version appears on Nujabes - "First Collection" (Hyde Out Productions)
  (message from Bleedz)
15. So Dear (2004) - produced by Sacha
  unreleased track
16. Start Again a.z Remix (2008) - produced by a.z
  original version on 12" (Guinness Records) and e22
17. The Clash DJ Hæs Remix (2006) - produced by DJ Hæs
  scratches by DJ Icewater
  original version produced by DJ Krush on "African JAG Vol.1" (JAG Label) available on iTunes
18. Pearl Harbor 10th Anniversary Redux (1999 / 2008) - produced by Junzo
  full version on Shing02 / DJ $hin - "Pearl Harbor / Japonica (10th Anniversary Edition)" (Mary Joy Recordings)
19. Meu Habitar (2009) - produced by Versus Dois
  (shouts by Kirby Dominant)
20. New Era's Eve (2000)- produced by DJ Narcis Jr & Jonny Wilson, remixed by Vector Omega
  unreleased track
21. Real Kings (2009)- produced by CAVE
  scratches by DJ A-1
  full version on e22
  (message from P.E.A.C.E)
22. Nossa Promessa (2007) - Ice blend
  original version produced by Kento on e22
23. One Note Samba (2005) - original music by Antonio Carlos Jobim
  scratches by DJ A-1
  full version on e22
  (message from The Grouch)
24. Car Troubles part.2 (1996) - produced by The Grouch
  full version feat. Kirby Dominant and The Grouch -"Nothing Changes"
25. Avatar Four Heads Remix (2003 / 2005) - produced by Yamabiko, Yakkle, dub by Shuichi Sugimoto
  full version on e22
  original version produced by DJ Top Bill on "Prelude To One Dollar Store" (Mary Joy Recordings)
26. Destruction (2008) - produced by Range Strunk
  featured on Triki - "The Way I See It"
  (shouts by Imani of The Pharcyde)
27. Grace (2008) - produced by JUZU
  featured on unreleased album by JUZU
28. Lift The Fog Up (2007) - produced by KK
  featured on KK - "Light In A Fog" (Lo-Vibes Recordings)
29. Dance Phobia OT Remix (2007) - produced by Oji
  original version unreleased feat. Spank Rock, Aziz Habibi, Jasko
  original song: Divine Star Estrella "Dance Phobia"
30. Love You Like Water (2006) - produced by Dick Dawg
  full version on e22
31. Yesterday (2007) - Corner Store Studio Session
  original version unreleased feat. Jern Eye and Bonk
32. Follow Me (2001) - produced by DJ Top Bill
  scratches by DJ Top Bill
  featured on DJ Top Bill - "Prelude To One Dollar Store" (Mary Joy Recordings)

DJ Icewater from Los Angeles and Oakland, CA has been DJing since 1995. He has spent time on college radio and has toured worldwide as live DJ for Shing02, The Living Legends, and The Pharcyde. Icewater has released over 35 mixtapes and was named "Mixtape DJ Of The Year" along with DJ Cobra in 2003 at the Tech.nitions Conference. In addition to DJing, he works as an audio engineer for various artists including Lyrics Born, Jern Eye, and Keelay & Zaire.

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