Self Jupiter is an American rapper born Ornette Glenn from Chattanooga, TN. Raised in Los Angeles' Crenshaw district of Baldwin Hills, Jup is part of the legendary Hip Hop supergroup Freestyle Fellowship and also one half of The Kleenrz. Considered a forefather of improvisational rap, much like his namesake Ornette Coleman was to bebop. Self Jupiter is a powerful engaging entity that oozes creativeness with every expression. . . One thing is incredibly obvious, music is in his blood... If you haven't heard any of his tunes, when you do, your ears will do cartwheels.

Founded visioneternal in 2010, which started as a record label, but turned into a platform for music, art and fashion. In 2013, with the help of Noel Jimenez he started a fashion line called Vivre, inspired by the 50s and 60s. Zac also composed the waltz theme for the movie.

Namiko Mori is a Japanese eclectic musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer. Her musical talent broadens from emotive piano improvisations, song-writing, experimental electronic music, ethnic percussive chamber to elaborate orchestral works. Besides her original works, she has produced collaborative works for independent films, 3D animations, and musicians.

N'gaho Taquia, better known as sauce81 is a producer based in Tokyo known for his style of raw beats, warm and ruff synth, rugged instrumentation and fuzzy vocals; he gives deep soul and funkness to his machine grooves. As N'gaho Ta'quia, he dropped the album "In The Pocket", an homage to his traditions of his homeland Akita, and the musical roots of 70s Jazz-Funk and Soul music in a soundtrack format to a movie that never existed.

FABIO LOPEZ aka DOURONE is a spanish multidisciplinary artist from Madrid. His self-taught style reflects on his experiences in the world, which captures real-life moments that stand out for their beauty. His works are often defined as figurative illustration, classical, and surreal. DOURONE's mission hasn't changed: "Traveling and being an artist when he grows up"

ELODIE ARSHAK aka ELODIELOLL was borned and raised in Paris. She is Dourone's partner after being part of Black Book Session's team, one of the most outstanding musical event in Europe due to the quality of the international artists who has participated. She also has an important cameo in "The Divider".

Daishi Takiishi is an LA based filmmaker. He has worked on many films, TV shows, and commercials in different countries over the years.

Takuro Ishizaka is a LA based cinematographer working on numerous feature films, commercials and music videos. He recently shot three "Rurouni Kenshin" series with Warner Brothres Japan. All three films became number one at Japanese box office. The film also was very successful in Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. He is now preparing for the next feature film project in Japan.

MC / Artivist / Director. "The Divider" is Shing02's fourth short film, after "Petals of Fire", "then-n-now" (2012), and "Bustin'" (2014).