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1200 Ways Remix Winners




Overall, the remix project was a huge success!
160 songs in a month, with many participants submitting multiple entries.
Honestly, doing an album remix was like running 10 different contests at the same time (duh!),
but it made it that much more fun!

I think the soundcloud format worked well because regardless of the amount of your catalog, listeners can access your work very easily, not to mention it was very helpful for me to organize and review the playlists.

Also, when you play the songs side by side, I think you can appreciate how a remix work can change the impression of the song / lyrics in an instant. = )

So how did the winners get picked? In short, it was my instincts, but after much consideration for the following points.

・Impression: did the remix enhance the experience of listening to the song? As you can tell, “1200 Ways” was pretty much a light-hearted project with each song having a humorous topic (that’s not to say we took the writing and recording any lightly!) , so it was important the remix built on top of the world created by the lyrics. A good example would be “Hi-Coast” by Shaoz. Same goes to Long Nek’s “Sweet Discovery” and DJ Spit’s Tag Monkey. Making a good remix isn’t just about beat matching, the details in the sequencing adds up to being a great track on its own.


・Playability: forget what I just said! If the song made me want to keep listening to it, that was the jam. “Look Fwd” was exactly that, there were many remixes that provided a dope soundtrack, but Room Autobahn’s cut tickled my headbanger fancy. Dasu’s “Fresh Outta Box” had the right lo-fi old school vibe that matched the spacing of the track. Kondor’s “1200 Ways” was just smooth, it doesn’t even sound like a remix! Not only for kicks though, I enjoy listening to songs that I can play back on repeat without getting tired of it. (Again, ALL the remixes were DOPE! It just had to come down to picking MY favorite, plus DJ $HIN’s pick)

・Originality: the word says it all, kudos to Otso for a drum-less “1200 Ways” and taking the crown in the most jam-packed entry, Tasty Intelligence for matching the keys and rhythm for “When You Come Around” for what proved to be the most difficult (good job to Soichiro’s guitar rendition for “WYCA” ). Pfenning’s Back Door Slider and mojaflower’s “Squeeze On It” were two tracks that were kind of weird enough in a good way to stand out from the batch.

Also, being able to mix and master your song goes a long way in presenting your song to an audience. It’s really not just about making it LOUDER, but think of it like cooking. You want to make sure they taste the sound you’re going for with just the right balance of vocals and your track.
(ps: if I knew anybody personally or remotely, they got extra stricter criteria, no nepotism here!)

The winners ended up from being very diverse backgrounds, coincidence? I didn’t refer to profiles when picking the winners, but I think not. I really appreciate the fact that many people came together to bring a whole new interpretation to the album.

As a side note, special mention to NO.A and Bui Ya! Bass who remixed the whole album.

Maybe we can do this again for my next English project! See ya!



全体的には一ヶ月の間に160曲もの応募があり、大成功でした!(これ以上来ても大変と言うレベルでした 汗)

soundcloudと言うフォーマットで開催したのも、初めてアカウントを作る人もいたと思いますが、リスナーがアーティストの他の作品を聴くのも簡単な上、審査する側としても曲を整理したり、プレイリストの作成が非常〜に便利でとても良かったです。また、これだけの曲を並べて聴くとリミックスによってどれだけ曲の印象が変わるかが、伝わると思います。 =)


・印象:リミックスによって楽曲の印象がどのように変わったか?「1200 Ways」のアルバム自体、割とユーモラスなトピックも多いので(でもかなり真剣に作ってます)、それぞれのリミックスはリリックの世界感を大事にすることは条件でした。良い例が “Hi-Coast” by Shaozや、Long Nek’s “Sweet Discovery”DJ Spit’s Tag Monkeyなどですね。歌詞の内容とバッチリ合ってます。そして良いリミックスはテンポを合わせるだけでなく、細かいシーケンスやエディットが完成度をグッとアップしているのも、曲として独り立ちする意味で重要ですね。


・プレイバック度: さきほどの歌詞の印象を度外視しても、カッコ良いものは良い!w Room Autobahn’s “Look Fwd” などは首を振りたくなるビートがリピートしたくなる感じだったし、 Dasu’s “Fresh Outta Box” もオールドスクールなローファイ感が最高でした。Kondor’s “1200 Ways” もスムーズでリミックスぽくない感じが良かったです。(繰り返しますが、全てのリミックスは良かったし、あくまでもShing02の独断と偏見による選考です!それとDJ $HINのピックが追加されました。)

・オリジナリティ:Otso のドラム抜きの”1200 Ways”Tasty Intelligenceの”When You Come Around”も一番難しいリミックスの中ユニークな出来上がり、(Soichiro’s “WYCA”ギター版もふさわしかったです ). Pfenning’s Back Door Slidermojaflower’s “Squeeze On It” も新鮮な響きで他のリミックスとは違った雰囲気を出してます。

(ps: 参加者において、直接あるいは間接的に知り合いのアーティストには、通常より厳しい審査基準でしたので、あしからず。)

特にアルバム全部をリミックスしたNO.ABui Ya! Bassは特別にシャウトを送りたいと思います。



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