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directed by Shing02
location: L’ancienne Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris à Pantin
dance: Ismaera
music: No.126 – produced by Ceezy (Shanghai)

Ismaera is a Japanese multidisciplinary dancer with roots in African, Hip Hop, Modern dance, to name a few.
Currenly Ismaera is living in Paris, where we met, and he’s working on collaborative efforts in Europe.
I encourage you to check out his other routines online.

This video is something we did spontaneously in one shot, when we were wondering around the abandoned warehouse in Pantin (merci Lilyluciole & Nico!).
The building has been around for decades for graffiti writers to paint the walls on all floors, interior and exterior, but the building is planned to be closed soon and is up for renovation.

I met Ceezy on tour in Shanghai, he’s a superb young talent with a great ear for making beats and compositions.
He gave me a bunch of dope beats for me to work with, including the track you hear in the video.
Be on the lookout for more collabs with me in the future!


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