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Here’s a new short film, written and directed by Shing02,
starring Samantha Rex, Jan Chrisitansen, and Jacques

some trivia:

・The splash screen at is a gif that changes into Spanish, French, and German.
Thanks to Elodie Arshak, Glenda Sino-Cruz, Jörg Brüggemann for the translation!

・Director of photography was Neo Sora, who used two Canon 7D’s. A wide angle lens was used for the main cafe shot.

・Jacques is actually Samantha’s dog. Based on his performance, it’s hard to pick who acted the best in the short!

・If you don’t know by now, Samantha and Jan are in the Brooklyn-based band The Attic Ends.
Go pre-order their new album on kickstarter that ends 9/15, NOW!!

・The book that Samantha is holding is Ozu: His Life and Films by Donald Richie. Neo brought it because of the bright color.
Ozu’s films (including Floating Weeds / Ukigusa) are classic, by the way.

・The headphones that Samantha is wearing is Pivots by Incase. Shouts to the homies.

・You can see the paper Jan’s holding has Jeremy Lin on the front cover, that was the day the New York Knicks decided to let him go to Houston. =(

・What is Jan reading in the papers? horoscopes. What is Jan doing on his phone? instagram. =)

Brooklyn Roasting Company, is in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We got the location thanks to Travis Bogosian of Good Baby Films. It’s a really great atmosphere!

・ The short was edited the same day it was shot, it took only a couple of hours in a midtown cafe.

・ The song “Out of Your Element” was chosen from YouTube, then adapted to fit the short.
Initially it was meant to be temporary, but the band liked it so much it stayed.

….And finally, the short came out almost exactly like the storyboard that I prepared after a meeting we had at the cafe, and securing the cast (including Jacques). Excellent job by the cast, and Neo Sora & crew. Check it out! Big shouts to everyone who participated and helped out, and most importantly the viewers for spreading the good word! The reactions have been amazing, coming from various parts of the globe. It makes it so worthwhile to put ideas out to the world. Sharing is caring!

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