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One People

Here’s another track first featured on FTTB3, a collaboration with Seattle’s finest Marcus D.
The track is officially from his new album “Melancholy Hopeful”.

I wrote and recorded this track in the tumultuous 2011, fresh off the heels of traveling to Egypt and seeing Tahrir square firsthand,
then coming back to NY and encountering what was just taking shape in the Occupy movement.

In retrospect it was a strange bubble, but I happened to pass by the scene where I caught myself getting stranded on the Brooklyn Bridge with protesters (top picture insert on cover) and seeing numerous protests where ideology clashed with traffic police acting like robocops (bottom).

Adriel Williams, a great violinist based in NY, contributed wonderful string layers to this track.
We recorded the vocal takes at his studio in midtown, it was a nice session on a windy day…

Then came visits and calls to our friends (73 in total!) for their “The People” shouts and editing which took a long time to edit but worth the effort.
Thanks for everybody that came through in a major way!

I believe that what happened last year remain in the hearts and wills of millions of people, and we will continue to push for justice, to right the wrongs, one song at a time.

I hope you enjoy.

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