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Don’t Tell Me No

A great end to a crazy basketball season!

It all started, or almost didn’t start, with the strike fiasco, David Stern blocking the CP3 trade and coming out like a genius (at least for the dunk of the year); and who can forget Linsanity, then ending with King James finally crowned on his home court. So much drama!

Don’t Tell Me No features the raps and production by Koichi Sanchez aka NightShift, LA-based producer and all-around musical talent.
This is the not first, not second, but third =) cut out of FTTB3 mix we’re putting up as single.
However this particular mix is the “B-ball edit” that you hear exclusively, you’ll hear it in his first verse!

NightShift has been providing music for Jeremy Lin’s official video posts such as this one featured on ESPN, which coincidentally uses the instrumental to this song.

The secret to this beat is that nothing is sampled. You’re gonna hear more collab with this team soon, so stay tuned for a brand new summer jam!

you can purchase the track and instrumental, a cappella set (85bpm) here:

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