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ASDR – Shing02 & Chimp Beams
released 4/25/2012

Here’s an all English album (possibly the first) by Shing02 with Chimp Beams of Brooklyn, NY holding down the production.
The album was recorded in summer / fall of 2011, except for Aquatrium (video) which was recorded a year earlier.

listen & order via Concent NY

iTunes JP / iTunes US / (worldwide)

Amazon / HMV (Japan)

1. The Coda
2. Revelle
3. Sunbaked
4. Mixed Signals
5. Darjeeling
6. High Line Park
7. Masala
8. Envocar
9. Sunday Am
10. Aquatrium
– for Japan Disc –
11. 4:30Pm (Bonus)
12. Sunbaked Inst. (Bonus)
13. Aquatrium Inst. (Bonus)
– for iTunes –
14. Mooniris

The Album title clearly draws from the sound envelope vocabulary: Attack, Sustain, Decay, and Release. We opted for a more unconventional ‘ASDR’ as opposed to ‘ADSR’ that’s more frequently used for synthesizers. You can come up with your own acronym – All Sounds Define Reality!

Marihito Ayabe (producer), Shing02 (MC), Hideyuki Waki (Engineer), Yusuke Yamamoto (Musician)
photo by Tokio Kuniyoshi

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