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Notes on the Earthquake

This is a shake-up call.

As you all know Japan was rocked by a M8.8 earthquake 100 miles off the northeastern coast, bringing the nation to a halt.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so here:

After witnessing so many natural disasters happen around the world in recent months, personally it literally hits closer to home because I have friends and family there. We had just decided to do a show in Sendai (a tsunami reached the airport) yesterday before the quake hit. It is amazing how everybody’s doing their part spreading vital information to provide emergency shelter.

The Tokyo area was hit pretty hard, but human casualties are rather minimal. The main issue is for people to gather themselves as the city recovers from paralysis through analysis. Although some lines have resumed operation, most transportation methods require closer inspection to test for integrity.

Another major issue at hand is that the northeastern coast has multiple nuclear power plants (and a fuel reprocessing center) that have been shut down, and one of the plants in Fukushima is having serious trouble maintaining a safe pressure after its emergency cooling system failed.

I am sure that we’ll be able to avert a major catastrophe through diligent efforts, but we must not forget that even during normal operations, nuclear power plants constantly emit low-level radiation to the environment. This must include the millions of gallons of water waste that must have splashed back all over the coast in the tsunami. Although there has been constant debate regarding the effects of low-level radiation even in the wake of Chernobyl, the international community should put more pressure on Japan to stop expanding its nuclear power policy.

As all of our concerns are directed to the immediate victims of the earthquake, we must remind ourselves to act and help one another in times of crisis if something similar were to happen in our own backyard.

We plan to tour Japan in two weeks so I still hope that I can make it over there.

thank you for your kind thoughts,

in peace (from LA)


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