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Aquatrium – Chimp Beams feat. Shing02

Last December around Christmas, NYC recorded the 6th biggest snowfall in history, blanketing the entire east coast in snow and paralyzing the streets. So what did we do in the face of a blizzard? We went outside and shot a music video.

To create the effect of “swimming through a vacant city,” I initially considered green screens, rigs to hang on to, or incorporating mirrors, but after seeing snow covering blocks as far as the eye can see, we decided to just “snow-screen” ourselves and have fun the lo-fi way…Did I mention it was freezing?

directed by Shing02
assistant camera by Keisuke Hiei
appearances by Marihito “MARI’ Ayabe, Yusuke Yamamoto, Keisuke Hiei

(details and links to album & purchase info>

After receiving the track for “Aquatrium” from Mari and doing back-and-forths in 2009, we recorded the vocals in spring of 2010 at BPM in Brooklyn (the warehouse in the video where we also did a show). It was a nice way to wrap up the year with a video treatment made with good friends. I met Mari the first time I performed in Brooklyn with DJ Icewater in 2005, and he’s always impressed me the way he mixes breaks, dub, and live instrumentation.

I’ve known the intro actor Keisuke, who’s an architect in NYC, since the 4th grade. We had a lot of fun driving around in his ’73 Mercedes and we ended up at a great Brooklyn house party on NYE.

Good times!

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