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Silly Runnings (Cambodian ver.)

Two years ago, director Sou Ootsuki took Luv(sic) part2 and made a youtube-only promotional clip for his Aho na Hashiri (translates to Silly Runnings) DVD.
The strange video, even by Japanese standards, went viral collecting over 1.5 million hits to date. Click the link at the very bottom if you haven’t seen it already.

Although the promo clip was done without any permission, it was featured on Japanese TV (NHK), and some overseas outlets as well. His main goal was to illustrate that the Japanese people just want to be released from stress, and that seemed to strike a nerve worldwide.

Here’s a new video the same director filmed in Cambodia. Last year, Sou travelled there to document Cambodians living in poverty and working on eradicating landmines, inspired by stories of their resilient humor. He showed the original Runnings video to them on an iPhone, and if he got a good laugh he communicated the concept and asked for a collaboration.

The result is weirdly moving and pure, yet somber.
Is there any philosophical significance to running silly? You be the judge : )

Cambodia Landmine Museum

Japanese ver.

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