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earmuff headphones

so I randomly stumbled upon making custom earmuff headphones, using the wrap-around style I see a lot of people rocking these days.

it started when I wanted to do something with my AKG headphones that were collecting dust ever since the band broke off…
it was one of those “I’m gonna fix it when I get around to it” DIY projects…

I picked up these earmuffs for $5. I was actually looking for bigger kiddie ones but what the hey…

then I see that it already has an opening, most likely for added insulation… I did have to cut a minor slit for the AKGs to fit. you can take off the sponge fitting.

but it works!

so now I’m walking through this market and I meet David from who sees my headphones and we start talking. He recommends me these headphones from aiaiai, and they sound awesome! great bass and fidelity for the size and price. since they already come detached from the headband, I just take off the sponge before inserting…

and it works great!


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