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NOTE: track #4 was cut off in the original upload, fixed 3/24.

The Winners:

1. I'm That Boy (Kondor Remix), Poland
2. Sweet Discovery (Long Nek Remix), Taiwan
3. 1200 Ways (Otso Remix), Finland
4. When You Come Around (Peter Williams Remix), USA
5. Hi-Coast (Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN Remix), Taiwan
6. Look Fwd (Room Autobahn Remix), Japan
7. Fresh Outta Box (DASU Remix), Taiwan
8. Squeeze On It (mojaflower Remix), Japan
9. Back Door Slider (Pfennig Remix), Belgium
10. Tag Monkey (DJ Spit Remix), USA
11. When You Come Around (Soichiro Remix), Japan ($HIN's Pick)

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Shing02's review> http://e22.com/blog/?p=1223

full list of participants: https://soundcloud.com/1200-ways-remix/sets

original album info: http://e22.com/1200ways
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