Wheels of Steel: Technics SL-1200 series folder icons
by Shing02 + DJ $HIN

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WALLPAPER - with letters / WALLPAER - no letters

release: 5/12, update: 5/13 SL-1200 GLD (2004) was labeled as SL-1200 LTD (2002).

The icon series is dedicated to one of the most impressive runs in modern design achievements, the Technics SL-1200s.
Icons were each assembled from dozens of pictures found online, and reflect every model upgrade including function, buttons, lights, and finish.
Go to view option, and display icons at 512 x 512 for most detail.

Needless (but not needle-less) to say, the setup of two turntables and a mixer transformed the concept of dance music, hiphop and turntablism in particular, and all the offsprings it has spawned in decades to follow.

Matsushita Electric (reanamed Panasonic Corp. in 2008) of Japan was the first in the world to introduce direct-drive turntables (SP-10) in 1970. As evidenced by their extensive catalog (Vinyl Engine), they made many different models in the 70's including the SL-1200 MK1 in 1972. (note: the 121o series is the European counterpart to the 1200s)

They continue to produced many direct drive models before MK2 (1979), which became the de facto industry standard. They only made minor model changes until MK6 became the last model in 2008, and ceased all production in October 2010.

enjoy, and spread the word!
keep the 1200s alive, maybe we'll see the day they come back!
unofficial history of SL-1200 (cosmetic upgrades)
1972 SL-1200 MK1 the first of 1200 series
1979 SL-1200 MK2 complete remodel, no major changes since
1989 SL-1200 MK3 black version of MK2
1995 SL-1200 LTD limited edition, introduces pitch reset, shell stand
1997 SL-1200 MK3D adds pitch reset, shell stand, new power button
1997 SL-1200MK4 78 rpm button for "sp" records, resembles MK2 more
2000 SL-1200MK3D BLK black version of MK3D
2002 SL-1200MK5 SLV LED lights
2002 SL-1200MK5 BLK black version
2002 SL-1200MK5G double pitch, glitter body, blue LED, matte tonearm
2004 SL-1200 GLD limited edition, gold plated MK5G
2008 SL-1200MK6 SLV blue LED, matte tonearm
2008 SL-1200MK6 BLK black version

honorable mention:
Technics 1800 MK1 & MK2

The 1800 MK2 (included in icon pack) appears in ”WildStyle” when GrandMaster Flash is juggling in the kitchen.
It has the same tone arm assembly as the 1200 MK-2.
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